Chancellor of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
Deputy of the minister in Mazandaran Province
Pediatric Subspecialty and Assistant Professor

Statistics and Information Technology Manager
Assistant Professor
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Subspecialty
Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences
Human endeavor for a step-by-step movement towards a better future in the science era has changed into a great jump in the IT-related sciences. During the previous decade, human being has incredibly achieved great progress in this field. Although these developments have played great roles in some fields of study, we are taking the first steps in the field of health. Along with this progress in our dear country, Iran, we must have a great movement which can embrace culture-building and management.
Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences along with other universities in our country have made lots of attempts to bring together the computer science engineers, authorities, experts, and the physicians who are in charge of the health of the society so that they can exchange and discuss their latest theoretical and practical information and findings in the field of health through presenting papers and holding workshops.

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